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Buon Appetito Hamper


Buon Appetito! This hamper is all about mediterranean flavours & traditions including antipasto before the meal. All products are Australian made using nothing but premium ingredients. We recommend adding a red wine of your choice.

Charlie's Parmesan & Tomato Cheese Bites

Baked with quality Australian cheese, these Mini Cheese Bite are the perfect savoury snack for every occasion. Packed full of flavour, they are delicious on their own or as part of your grazing board.


Braidwood Food Co. Sweet Onion & Dill Flatbread 120g

Braidwood Food Company produces hand crafted locally flavoured food.  This Sweet Onion and Dill Flatbread is made using organic plain flour, organic wholewheat flour, filtered rainwater, virgin olive oil, organic virgin sesame oil, organic onion, organic dill and salt. 120g


Nutworks Roasted & Salted Gourmet Mixed Nuts 75g

Nutworks Gourmet Roasted + Salted Nut Mix includes Cashews, Almonds + Macadamia Nuts


Ogilvie Pasta Sauce With Porcini Mushroom 465g

Ripe tomatoes are infused with the earthy flavours of porcini mushrooms in this fragrant, delicious sauce that is perfect with your favourite pasta.
Try using as a base in your next slow cooker recipe


Nougat Royale Almond & Dark Choc Nougat 125g

Nougat Royale Roasted Almond and Dark Choc Nougat. Short and sweet, blending 70% Belgium dark chocolate with slow oven roasted almonds - a classic combination.


Braidwood Food Co. Pasta Australian Mountain Pepper (mild) 375g

Braidwood Food Company produces hand crafted locally flavoured food.  This pasta is made with fine durum semolina, water, Australian mountain pepper berries and Australian Pepper leaf. 375g


Pukara Estate Sundried Tomato Pesto 180g

A great pesto to use for quick to prepare dishes. This sweet and nutty sundried tomato pesto is versatile enough to use across a wide range of dishes. 180g


Kangaroo Island Smoked Kalamata Olives 185g

Distinctively rich and fruity, wood smoked Kalamata Olives. 185g


Ogilvie Antipasto Medley - 270g

Ogilvie's antipasto medley is a gourmet mix of chargrilled vegetables - the perfect option for entertaining at a moment's notice.
Delicious served with meats and cheese.


Gourmet by Design Gift Box with Gift Card.