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Premium Negroni Hamper


Premium Negroni Hamper. Canberra’s finest barrel aged Negroni accompanied by an assortment of our finest, Australian made products.

Port Willunga Fleurieu Olives

Port Willunga Fleurieu Olives are juicy plump olives with a powerful fruity flavour and meaty texture. Grown in the McLaren Vale region. 100g.


The Canberra Distillery Negroni

The Canberra Distillery Negroni is Barrel Aged using a red wine from the Canberra region, distilled with juniper and more than a dozen other herbs. It is blended with vermouth and bitters and aged with heavily charred oak, to fuse and soften the complex spice flavours. It is best served on the rocks, with a dash of soda, a wedge of orange and a burnt stick of cinnamon. 500ml


Wicked Nuts Bush Honey Roasted Cashews

Wicked Nuts Bush Honey Roasted Cashews using aged Bush Honey from local bee keepers from hives that have been left for longer before harvesting to achieve a richer fuller flavoured honey from happier bees.


Port Willunga Salted Pistachios

Port Willunga Salted Pistachios. These exquisite nuts are roasted and lightly salted for your enjoyment. A great addition to any Gourmet Hamper. 90g


Ogilvie Antipasto Medley 270g

Ogilvie Antipasto Medley 270g is a gourmet mix of chargrilled vegetables - the perfect option for entertaining at a moment's notice.
Delicious served with meats and cheese.


VPC Pepper Crackerthins

VPC Pepper Crackerthins 100g. Enjoy with your favourite fine cheese, spreads and pate.


Nutworks Dark Chocolate Macadamias

Nutworks Dark Chocolate Macadamias are dry roasted before being covered in premium dark chocolate to create a delicious treat. 75g


Beerenberg Vine Fruit for Cheese

Beerenberg Vine Fruit for Cheese pairs perfectly with an Aged Cheddar or a Red Leister. A great addition to any Gourmet Hamper.


Gourmet by Design Gift Box (this includes gift box, card, tissue wrap and outer carton)

Gourmet by Design Gift Box this includes gift box card tissue wrap and outer carton