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Sweet Bites Hamper


Sweet Bites Hamper includes a delicious range of Australian made products including chocolate, confectionary & sweet biscuits. Same day delivery in Canberra.

Kangaroo Island Honey Popcorn

Kangaroo Island Honey Popcorn. This beautiful popcorn is coated in the Kangaroo Island's famous Ligurian Bee Honey. Kangaroo Island is home to the only pure strain of Ligurian Bees in the world, Kangaroo Island’s pristine environment is the perfect sanctuary for them to make their famous honey. 80g.


Gourmet by Design Milk Chocolate Honeycomb

Gourmet by Design Milk Chocolate Honeycomb is simply made with honey, sugar and filtered water with some bicarb soda for bubbles. It is then coated with organic couverture milk chocolate. Simply delicious 🙂


Charlie's Lemon White Choc Button Bikkies

Charlie’s Lemon White Choc Button Bikkies are made with premium ingredients. No artificial colours or flavours. Zesty lemon biscuits loaded with real chocolate. These Button Bikkies are seriously delicious.


Charlie's White Choc Macadamia Cookie

Charlie's White Choc Macadamia Cookie is made with smooth white chocolate chips and chunky macadamia pieces. Australian Made. 50g


Ogilvie Butter Shortbread Biscuits

Ogilvie & Co Butter Shortbread Biscuits are made with traditional ingredients. Beautifully presented, they make a great gift addition.


Wicked Nuts Kettle Roasted Macadamias

Wicked Nuts Kettle Roasted Macadamias. 100g


Wicked Nuts Pina Colada Peanuts

Wicked Nuts Pina Colada Peanuts. Enjoy a taste of the tropics with that unmistakable pineapple and coconut flavour and iconic white rum in our hand infused and hand roasted Pina Colada Peanuts.120g Dairy Free, Vegan


Gourmet by Design Gift Box (this includes gift box, card, tissue wrap and outer carton)

Gourmet by Design Gift Box this includes gift box card tissue wrap and outer carton