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Sweet Tooth Hamper


A great selection of gourmet chocolate & confectionary products for even the fussiest sweet tooth.

Gourmet by Design Raspberry & Almond Milk Chocolate Bark 100g

Our organic couverture milk chocolate is sprinkled with chunks of freeze dried raspberries and roasted almond chunks. Very addictive....


Gourmet by Design Strawberry White Chocolate Bark 100g

Our organic white couverture chocolate is sprinkled with chunks of freeze dried strawberries..... a classic strawberries + cream combination.


Kangaroo Island Honey Popcorn 80g

This beautiful popcorn is coated in the Kangaroo Island's famous Ligurian Bee Honey. Kangaroo Island is home to the only pure strain of Ligurian Bees in the world, Kangaroo Island’s pristine environment is the perfect sanctuary for them to make their famous honey.


Gourmet by Design Milk Chocolate Honeycomb 120g

Our honeycomb is simply made with honey, sugar and filtered water with some bicarb soda for bubbles. It is then coated with organic couverture milk chocolate. Simply delicious 🙂


Ogilvie & Co Salted Caramel Rock 95g

Ogilvie + Co salted caramel rock - the tasty flavour of salted caramel .... but in a candy!


Charlie's Cookies & Cream Melting Moments - 50g

The New Charlies Mini Melting Moments Cookies + Cream are a Velvety Dark Chocolate Melting Moment sandwiched with rich butter cream and dark couverture chocolate.


Nougat Limar Fruity Nutty Nougat Teasers 150g

Nougat Limar Fruity Nutty Nougat Teasers are bite-sized balls of dark chocolate covering a soft interior of real nougat filled with fruits and crunchy nuts. A unique creamy/crunchy consistency and a truly moreish flavour blend make them absolutely irresistible as a sweet snack or teatime treat.


Gourmet by Design Salted Hazelnut Brittle 150g

Using all natural ingredients, including freshly roasted hazelnuts, this delicious salted brittle is highly addictive. Traditionally handmade in small batches in copper pots. No corn or glucose syrup!


Gourmet by Design Gift Box with Gift Card.