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Sparkling & Sweets Hamper


Sparkling & Sweets Hamper includes an organically grown, Rose Sparkling from Tamburlaine, accompanied by a selection of fine Gourmet sweets to compliment.

Gourmet by Design Salted Hazelnut Brittle

Gourmet by Design Salted Hazelnut Brittle. Using all natural ingredients, including freshly roasted hazelnuts, this delicious salted brittle is highly addictive. Traditionally handmade in small batches in copper pots. No corn or glucose syrup!


Charlie's Dark Choc Chip Vegan Cookie

Plant-powered (vegan) and gluten free, our wholesome Dark Choc Chip Artisan Cookie is packed with figs, puffed rice, coconut, tahini and vegan dark couverture chocolate chips. 50g


Gourmet by Design Raspberry & Almond Milk Chocolate Bark

Our couverture milk chocolate is sprinkled with chunks of freeze dried raspberries and roasted almond chunks. Very addictive....


Tamburlaine Scarlett Bubbles

Tamburlaine Scarlett Bubbles is an organically grown, sweeter style aromatic Rose with Strawberry & Raspberry aromas.


Gourmet by Design Milk Choc Vanilla Bean Rocky Road 200g

Organic Milk Couverture chocolate coats our handmade vanilla bean marshmallows and Queensland Macadamia Nuts.


Charlie's Raspberry Melting Moments 100g

Charlie's Raspberry Melting Moments. This carton of 8 delectable melting moments features a melt in your mouth raspberry biscuit shell, with a white chocolate butter cream.


Gourmet by Design Black Forest Bark

Gourmet by Design Black Forest Bark . Organic dark couverture chocolate sprinkled with freeze dried cherries and then drizzled with organic white couverture chocolate.


Gourmet by Design Milk Chocolate Honeycomb

Gourmet by Design Milk Chocolate Honeycomb is simply made with honey, sugar and filtered water with some bicarb soda for bubbles. It is then coated with organic couverture milk chocolate. Simply delicious 🙂


Gourmet by Design Gift Box (this includes gift box, card, tissue wrap and outer carton)

Gourmet by Design Gift Box this includes gift box card tissue wrap and outer carton


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