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Theo Dinosaur Baby Hamper

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Theo Dinosaur Baby Hamper. Super cute Theo the Dinosaur accompanied by a Cellular Blanket and Sweet Treats.

Gourmet by Design Milk Choc Vanilla Bean Rocky Road 200g

Organic Milk Couverture chocolate coats our handmade vanilla bean marshmallows and Queensland Macadamia Nuts.


Gourmet by Design Salted Hazelnut Brittle

Gourmet by Design Salted Hazelnut Brittle. Using all natural ingredients, including freshly roasted hazelnuts, this delicious salted brittle is highly addictive. Traditionally handmade in small batches in copper pots. No corn or glucose syrup!


Theo Dinosaur

Theo Dinosaur is made from soft velvet fabric, has embroidered features and bean-filled paws. The perfect companion for little ones.

Size: W15 x H37 x D10cm

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Green Cotton Cellular Blanket

Green Cotton Cellular Blanket. Lightweight and breathable, these gorgeous 100% cotton blankets are perfect to use in the cot or pram to keep baby feeling warm and cosy during their naps. Features tight weaves that won’t snag little fingers.


Adri's Gingerbread Dino & Heart

Adri's Gingerbread Dino & Heart. Adri's Gingerbread is handmade and hand decorated in Australia using local and imported ingredients. 30g


Charlie's Choc Chunk Bikkies

Charlie's Choc Chunk Button Bikkies are made with premium ingredients. No artificial colours or flavours. Buttery button biscuits loaded with real chocolate. These Button Bikkies are seriously delicious.


Gourmet by Design Gift Box (this includes gift box, card, tissue wrap and outer carton)

Gourmet by Design Gift Box this includes gift box card tissue wrap and outer carton


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