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Gourmet Chocolate Hamper


Gourmet Chocolate Hamper includes only premium Chocolate products made in Australia. Designed to please even the fussiest chocoholic.

Charlie's Cookies & Cream Melting Moments - 50g

The New Charlies Mini Melting Moments Cookies + Cream are a Velvety Dark Chocolate Melting Moment sandwiched with rich butter cream and dark couverture chocolate.


Charlie's Fudge Brownie Bikkies

Charlie’s Fudge Brownie Button Bikkies are made with premium ingredients. No artificial colours or flavours. These Button Bikkies are seriously delicious.


Gourmet by Design Raspberry & Almond Milk Chocolate Bark

Our couverture milk chocolate is sprinkled with chunks of freeze dried raspberries and roasted almond chunks. Very addictive....


Nutworks Salted Caramel Macadamias

Nutworks Salted Caramel Chocolate Macadamias. 75g


Gourmet by Design Milk Chocolate Honeycomb

Gourmet by Design Milk Chocolate Honeycomb is simply made with honey, sugar and filtered water with some bicarb soda for bubbles. It is then coated with organic couverture milk chocolate. Simply delicious 🙂


Nutworks Milk Chocolate Macadamias

Nutworks Milk Chocolate Macadamias are dry roasted before being covered in premium milk chocolate to create a delicious treat. 75g


Dark Chocolate Bars with Caramel Pearls

Dark Chocolate Bars with Caramel Pearls. 2 X 35g Dark Couverture Chocolate Bars studded with Milk Chocolate Caramel Pearls


Gourmet by Design Gift Box (this includes gift box, card, tissue wrap and outer carton)

Gourmet by Design Gift Box this includes gift box card tissue wrap and outer carton