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Market Deli Tote Hamper (Canberra Only Delivery)


Market Deli Tote Hamper (Canberra Only Delivery) includes a delicious selection of items you would find at your local market deli. Meats, cheese, antipasto etc.

Poachers Pantry Smoked Chicken Fillet


Poachers Pantry Smoked Prosciutto


Poachers Pantry Smoked Bresaola

Poachers Pantry Smoked Bresaola, naturally cured and wood smoked. Ready to eat on some lavosh with a glass of wine straight out of the packet.  Perfect on a pizza with some caramelised onions and labna.


Ogilvie Antipasto Medley 270g

Ogilvie Antipasto Medley 270g is a gourmet mix of chargrilled vegetables - the perfect option for entertaining at a moment's notice.
Delicious served with meats and cheese.


Tilba Kalamata Olive & Garlic Vintage Cheese

Tilba Kalamata Olive & Garlic Vintage Cheese has plenty of bite but creamy in texture. A 2 year aged cheddar combined with kalamata olives & garlic.


Flinders Estate Ash Brie


Kangaroo Island Smoked Kalamata Olives

Kangaroo Island Smoked Kalamata Olives 185g. Distinctively rich and fruity, wood smoked Kalamata Olives.


Braidwood Food Co. Sweet Onion & Dill Flatbread

Braidwood Food Company produces hand crafted locally flavoured food.  This Sweet Onion and Dill Flatbread is made using organic plain flour, organic wholewheat flour, filtered rainwater, virgin olive oil, organic virgin sesame oil, organic onion, organic dill and salt. 120g


VPC Pepper Crackerthins

VPC Pepper Crackerthins 100g. Enjoy with your favourite fine cheese, spreads and pate.


Cremeux Camembert

Cremeux Camembert. Think buttery flavours, mixed with creamy smooth French inspired texture. This cheese will be your go-to white mould cheese in no time.


Gourmet by Design Tote Bag